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Did you ever feel that keeping a bathroom tidy, neat and organized is a losing battle? Stray toothpaste caps, brushes, hair accessories, cosmetics and soiled laundry. You just can’t seem to find the floor and never mind the countertop. Any bathroom, no difference what size, can use additional space. Towels, shower products, toothpaste and toothbrushes; there are so many things that need a place.  Some believe you have to shift the storage outside the bathroom… but, here is several prime real estate in your bathroom you didn’t even know you had! Take advantage of every inch. 

No more traffic jams in the bathroom!

Hinge towel rack
No more dripping of wet towels drying on your chairs and railings in your home. Hang drying
towels effortlessly and out of the way with the hinge it towel rack that hooks to the hinges of the door. No screws necessary!

Above the door
Those spare few inches right over the door? Well, they’re begging for a shelf. A small piece of plywood, two brackets, and all your off-season sun tan lotions, guest room essentials, etc; are smartly put away, out of reach, yet not forgotten.

Floating shelves
That insignificant gap between the sink and light switch… not only for books! Yes, all your towels and spare paper needs can fit so simply that even the kids can locate things and put them away with no reason for excuses.

Multi use rack
Keep necessities close to the tub in this kitchen inspired storage organization. Originally designed to store cooking utensils this metal rack with hanging hooks for accessories now holds shower products.